Light Up Your Home With Elegant Wall Sconces And Wall Lamps

Most lamps require either floor or table space to be put into a room that needs light, and this can sometimes be a problem when there is not extra space. Instead of using a floor or table lamp, wall sconces and wall lamps can be used. Wall sconces and wall lamps are lighting fixtures that can be attached directly to a wall, and can provide the same amount of light as any basic lamp. Wall sconces and wall lamps work great in places that need extra light, such as hallways, bathrooms, or even living and bedrooms. They only require a small space on any wall, yet can provide enough light to light up an entire room. Originally wall sconces and wall lamps were meant for hallways and other areas where a floor lamp would not fit, but they are now being put in many different rooms to add a decorative touch along with a significant amount of light. Wall sconces and wall lamps do require a little installation, since they must be mounted to a wall and minimal electrical work must also be done. Even though installing wall sconces and wall lamps may be a little bit harder than a typical floor or table lamp, they can save you space while adding a beautiful decoration to almost any room. You can even choose to install a wall sconce that uses candles rather than a light bulb, since they require less installation and you can display your favorite candles almost anywhere in your home. They look great in entryways or hallways, and can still provide light in darker areas that may need it. Not only are wall sconces and wall lamps great for lighting up darker rooms or areas in your home, but also work great to create certain atmospheres in some rooms. You can install a wall sconce in your laundry room to add a little energy to it, or even place one in your dark hallway to make it seem bright and welcoming. Wall sconces and wall lamps also work great in bedrooms, since they can provide enough light to read at night or watch a movie. Because wall sconces and wall lamps come in a number of different styles and sizes, it is very simple to find one that can fit almost any room. More traditional sconces and lamps would look great in a formal dining or living room, while unique and colorful ones may look great in a bedroom or playroom for kids. Because wall sconces and wall lamps are placed on a wall rather than a table or the floor, you will never have to worry about a child knocking one down or breaking a lamp. With wall sconces and wall lamps becoming more popular in the decorative world, they are very easy to find. Lamp specialty stores and even hardware stores contain a wide variety of wall sconces and wall lamps, or they can be purchased at a number of different online stores. They can be found with lights that shine up or down, and even some that can be put either way. Wall sconces and wall lamps are great when trying to add some extra light to almost any room, and also work great to add a beautiful decorative touch to your home.

6 Basic Techniques For Hanging Wall Art Such As a Metal Wall Vase

“You have to crawl before you can walk.” We have heard this expression numerous times. However, it remains as true now as it did the first time someone uttered it. When hanging wall art in our home, it is important to master the basics, before we proceed to methods that are more complex. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to hang wall art, per se. However, following these time-tested guidelines will maximize the effectiveness of the wall art: 1. Mix and match the colors of frames and mattes When using framed artwork or shadowboxes, use frames and mattes with different colors. However, ensure that they complement each other, rather than clash. 2. Remember that balance is the key You can use several methods to ensure that you maintain balance on a wall. Use a measuring tape to verify that the distance between wall art pieces is equal. Another way to balance is by using groups of wall art. For instance, you could use two small pieces on one side, and one larger piece on the other side. Creating balance is not an exact science. You will have to do some experimenting until you get it. 3. Remember that balance can involve entire walls When hanging wall art such as hanging metal wall vase, it is important to realize that “balance” does not strictly refer to single walls. It can also involve balance between all of the walls. Ensure that no walls in a room appear overloaded or bare. Again, this will require some experimenting—preferably before you begin hanging the wall art. 4. Group wall art together, to create a focal point It is important to realize that rearranging wall art is easier when it is on the floor, than when it is on the wall. Thus, make sure to arrange it on a table or floor BEFORE installing it on the wall. This will help to prevent your wall from looking like a woodpecker convention was just there. 5. Use mellow lighting to highlight your wall decor It is important that the lighting is not too bright, and that it does not create glare. This is an excellent technique for areas such as dark hallways. 6. Hang wall art a little bit above eye level What is “eye level”? It has become somewhat debatable. Some people say that this involves placing wall art, such as a hanging metal wall vase—at the level of standing people. Others say that it is for those who are sitting down. Still others say that it is based on the main function of the room. For instance, people tend to sit in a living room, while they tend to stand in a hallway. Finally remember that children’s “eye level” is much lower than adults’ eye level is. Before installing your first vase wall hanging, make sure that you know the basics. After mastering basic methods, such as the aforementioned tips, then you are ready to proceed to ones that are more complicated. Crawl before you walk!

Girls Wall Stickers and Full-Sized Wall Murals

Girls always try to do something unique with their rooms, whether we look at the cabinets, study tables, beds or the walls. Everything that a girl does or puts up at her place would have to be perfectly as per her taste. It is completely contrary to boys who would rather spend their time not bothering about coordinating their room, and usually make more knee-jerk decisions on what they want to put up or take down. Girls wall stickers are a favorite among the fairer gender. There are various reasons why girls wall stickers have become popular and at the very onset, it has to do with the sheer variety of the designs. The second factor would have to be the price. It is not always that a family can spend a fortune on getting the best wall paint in the country that boasts of designer shades and has a unique flavor to it. It is only using girls wall stickers that you can make your room truly unique and exclusive, satiating your preferences and also not costing you a fortune to get them. The popular themes of girls wall stickers today happen to be animals, princesses, Disney princess, Tinker bell, flower and floral designs. Sea life and ocean inspired blends are great too, especially for a surf-themed room. Girls also tend to choose butterfly or ladybug decor, which can be great when accented by wall trees. Character-wise, Winnie the pooh and hello kitty are some great girl themes, as are Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer. For a more general look, fashion and bling hooks can be added to a girls’ bedroom, along with fantasy, dancer, or ballerina themes. Your little one may also like movies and TV inspired designs, sports or stickers that are personalized with her very own name. It would be dependent on your age and preference or if you are a mom selecting a few for your little one then what might impress and entice her the most should be the topmost priority. Given the variety of designs and also the affordable range of prices, girls wall stickers are the best way to deck up your little one’s room – sometimes virtually instantly – and for the cheapest cost. Finally, if you want to really make an impact? Nothing looks more amazing and dramatic than a full-size wall mural. There’s an incredible array of girls themed wall art that comes in easy-to-install pre-pasted strips, in sizes ranging from 6×10 to 9×12 feet. For example, turn an entire wall of your little girls’ room into a fantasy princess scene complete with castle, horse-drawn pumpkin carriage, fairies, and more! Buying girls wall stickers is fairly easy these days, especially considering the wide variety of decals available to be shipped right to your home. These stickers are easy to install and you wouldn’t need any additional help from any expert. Most come in ‘peel and stick’ format, and these are both removable and repositionable. Some of the larger XL wall murals are pre-pasted however, and you just need to ensure that your walls are primed and ready. Some stickers have certain prerequisites of the kind of walls they can go onto. This is one factor you may wish to consult while dealing with a wall decal company or while picking a design.

Wall Arts: Perfect For Office Wall Decoration

Your office is your second home. In fact, this is where you spend most of your time in aside from your house. Because of this, it is necessary that you are able to design and decorate your office space in such a way that it will minimize the stress and pressure of workload, and you will be able to have a fun time doing your job. One of the best ways of spicing up the design of your office space is by decorating it with wall artwork. This is because this type of wall decoration is easy to hang, inexpensive to buy, and it can instantly turn a boring old office wall into something that exudes elegance and style. Here are some excellent tips on how to spruce up your office space without having to spend an enormous fortune. 1. Keep it simple You do not need to have an extravagant collection of murals and sculptures to make the walls of your office more beautiful and elegant. Just a few pieces of your best choices of paintings and metal wall artwork will do. After all, it is an office space and not a gallery that you should fill with a large number of artworks. 2. Incorporate your personal taste Incorporating your personal style in the design of the office space and how you decorate it with wall art is important so that clients and guests will have an idea on what kind of person you are. The right kind of artworks will give the right kind of impression. For example, you should choose elegant metal art pieces if you want to depict power and authority. You should choose brightly colored artworks if you want to portray a positive perspective in life. 3. Choose artworks that will inspire and motivate It is crucial that you are able to choose pieces of artworks that can inspire and motivate you to do your job well. Different artworks have different effects on people and make sure that the effect on you is always positive. For example, if a framed photograph of a tropical island inspires you to work more efficiently so you can get the bonus you need to travel, then that would be great. But if a painting of a tranquil scenery makes you want to sleep every time you are in your office then this painting should come down. 4. Buy wall arts online Buying wall arts online is a great idea especially if you do not have the luxury of time to go from one gallery to another to find the perfect wall decor for your office. In the Internet, you will be bombarded with numerous options on different kinds of artworks like paintings, murals, metal wall artwork and so on. 5. Select the right size, color and style Make sure the size, color and style fit and complements that of the room so that you will not have a cluttered or awkwardly decorated office space. The choice of your artworks that you will hang in your office space should spell beauty, style, motivation, inspiration and success all at the same time. Choosing wall decor for your office space is crucial for you to have a conducive working environment that will motivate and inspire you to work hard.

Expressive Wall Décor: Make A Statement With Wall Tapestries

More and more people are employing the use of wall tapestries as key components of their vision for contemporary home décor. The market for these dynamic works of art has flourished in the last 20 years, and the types of tapestries available have become as varied and diverse as the people who purchase them. As such, a newcomer interested in purchasing a tapestry for the home may become a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices available. Understandably, it can be hard to know where to begin when choosing the piece that is right for you. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference. After all, tapestries allow us to express ourselves and define our personalities. They are, in essence, an extension of who we are. So it should be no surprise that any decision regarding what to purchase will likely involve a great deal of heart and soul. Tapestries can essentially speak to us on a deeper level. However, the newcomer might be interested in a few tips for choosing the perfect tapestry. Choices, Choices, Choices First, let’s consider some of the options available. Some of the more classic types of tapestries will have a historical twist to them, emulating Medieval, Renaissance, Neo-Classical and Baroque time periods, among many others. Medieval tapestries in particular have become popular, because they represent a period in time which many consider to be a pivotal point in the development of tapestries for use as decorative art rather than for merely practical furnishing purposes. Asian tapestries also offer a myriad of rich color schemes that are not only complex, but distinctive as well. What draws many individuals to some of these weavings is not only the incredible amount of detail prevalent in the pieces, but the emotions conveyed in them as well. Many of the more traditional tapestries tend to focus on timeless, universal themes centered around love, human nature, death and tragedy. Perhaps this is why traditional wall tapestries have such a strong appeal. These artistic endeavors provide us with a connection to the past and a window into the evolution of human nature. We often find that we relate to the characters depicted in these scenes. On the other hand, tapestries which are more contemporary in nature can give our dwellings a modern edge. These can range from surreal landscapes and abstract scenery to still life illustrations showcasing colorful floral patterns or elegant assemblies of wines, vines or fruits. Other popular delineations may include elements of nature, animals and wildlife, or nautical themes which exhibit various naval and maritime dramatizations at sea. In addition, many artists – some well known, and some not-so-well-known – are licensing their works for tapestry designs. These include works by Thomas Kinkade, Linda Picken, Lena Liu, Nicky Boehme, Stewart Sherwood and Malenda Trick. A number of famous historical artists have also had their works developed into beautiful tapestries, including Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo de Vinci. This provides an accessible vehicle for art lovers to make the transition to tapestries when developing decorative themes for the home. Of course, these are merely a few of the genres in which wall tapestries have been developed. Ultimately, contemporary is whatever you want it to be. The wonderful thing about choosing a piece of art is that you can define what it means to you. And in many cases, tapestries may incorporate any combination of some the elements we have discussed. The key to choosing a great piece for your home is to find something that speaks to you. An Affordable Investment Believe it or not, you really do not have to break the bank to own a fine piece of art. While some tapestries sell for thousands of dollars, the market also offers a huge selection of affordable tapestries starting from as little as a few hundred dollars. Compared to what you might end up paying for an original art print, the value of wall tapestries can be immeasurable. The reasonable cost of acquiring a piece that encapsulates an individual’s identity means that wall tapestries have become much more accessible to the average person over the years. One does not have to spend a fortune to have a quality work of art in the home. What is the Best Size for You? Tapestries not only come in many styles, but they also come in many sizes. You may want to take the type of home you have into consideration when choosing a tapestry. First, consider where in your home you would like to see a tapestry placed. If you have a small room with limited wall space, you may want to consider using a smaller tapestry. Otherwise, large wall hangings can create a cramped feeling in the room. Tapestries can come in sizes as small as 13 by 18 inches. They can also be rather large (27 by 36 inches, which is roughly the size of a standard poster). If you have a large wall in a big room, you will likely do well with larger wall tapestries. Some tapestries also come in sizes which are long and narrow, much like a banner. These types of tapestries are perfect for long hallways. It all depends on the style of living space you intend to decorate. Some tapestries can make your living space feel larger than it actually is, while others can have the opposite effect. Other Factors to Think About Choosing the perfect tapestry for your home also means taking into consideration the environment in which the piece will live. What type of furniture do you have? Is it ultra-modern, or do you have a lot of antiques? Depending on your answer, you may want to search for a piece that blends in with your “theme”. For example, you may want to consider a more traditional tapestry if you have a great deal of antique furniture pieces in the room. As we mentioned, the size of the room can have a dramatic impact on the style of tapestry you choose. Every room is different. And different people have different objectives they are trying to accomplish with their décor. If you have a large room that you feel creates too much distance between the people occupying it, perhaps you will want to purchase multiple small tapestries to bring about a more cozy feeling to the space. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a small room, you may want to consider a tapestry which conveys a sense of openness, such as a vast landscape or ocean. Lighting is also something to think about when purchasing a tapestry. Do you have light fixtures that match your furniture pieces? Do you use table lamps or recessed lighting fixtures, or do you use a combination of both? If you are going for a modern feel, perhaps you will want to consider using chrome lighting fixtures to accent more abstract tapestry pieces. You want to make sure you have plenty of light to enjoy the color schemes of your tapestries, but you also do not want so much light that it detracts from the artistic displays themselves. Staying True to Your Heart In light of all the considerations, the main thing to remember about choosing a tapestry is to look for something that has meaning to you. You will need to be aware of your living space, the lighting conditions, the types of furniture present your home and the size of the walls you are intending to decorate. But none of these factors will make any difference if you are unable to connect with the tapestry on a personal level. Think of the tapestry as an extension of your personality and individuality, and then think of the other factors as influences on the piece.